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Accessibility Plan 2023-2024

Attendance Policy 2023-25

           Request for Term-Time Absence Form

By way of prior notice of the changes, the local authority has requested that we share the following information:            

"For unauthorised leave of absence from August 2024, Penalty Notices will increase to £160 per parent per child (discounted to £80 if paid within 21 days).  If there is occasion to issue a second Penalty Notice for unauthorised leave of absence within a rolling 3-year period, it will be issued at the higher rate of £160 per parent per child, with no opportunity to pay at the lower level.  A Penalty Notice cannot be issued if there is a third occasion of unauthorised leave of absence in the rolling 3-year period and it is highly likely that the local authority will take direct prosecution action in the Magistrates’ Court.  


If your child has unauthorised leave of absence of 5 days of more prior to the end of the summer term in 2024 it is likely you will be issued with a Penalty Notice of £120 per parent per child (discounted to £60 if paid within 21 days."


Behaviour Policy (including Anti-Bullying and Exclusion) 2023-24

Statement of Behaviour Principles 2023-24

Charging & Remissions Policy 2022-2025

Children with Health Needs that cannot attend School Policy 23-24

Safeguarding / Child Protection Policy 2023/24

Executive Summary of Key Principles for Staff & Parents 2023/24


Complaints Policy 2023-24

Early Career Teacher Policy 2023/24

Early Years Policy - 2022/24

Equality Policy 2022-25 & Objectives 23-24

First Aid Policy 2023-24

Freedom of Information Policy 2021-2024

GDPR (Data Protection Policy - March 2021 update)

Intimate Care including Toileting Policy 2021-2024

Low Level Concerns Policy 2023-2025

Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy 2023-24

Online Safety Policy 2022-23

PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) Policy – including (Relationships and Health Education and our position on Sex Education) 2022-2024

Phonics and Early Reading Information

Privacy Policy

Positive Handling Policy 2023-26

Special Educational Needs & Disability (S.E.N.D.)

Social Media Policy 2019-2022

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy 2023-24

Visitors Policy and Code of Conduct 2022-25