St Hardulph's Church of England Primary School


Absence and Lateness

There are very specific regulations on notification of reasons for absence.  If a child is absent, then the school must receive a written or oral message from a parent or guardian on the first day of absence, as early as possible in the school day, giving the reason.  An oral message via the child will not do.  If no such information is received, then an 'unauthorised absence' mark will be recorded in the register.  The number of unauthorised absences will be recorded on the child's annual written report.  Lateness, without good cause is also classed as an unauthorised absence.  A child is late if they are not in class by the time that the register has been called.  Any persistent issues will be followed up by our Education Welfare Officer.

If your child is ill

 If your child seems unwell in the morning, please do not send him/her to school, even if he/she is eager to come.  the school day is demanding and if we have to contact you, or your nominated contact person, to collect your child, it is often time consuming, as well as distressing for your child.

It is with the wellbeing of your child in mind that we ask you to notify us of the reason for your child's absence.  This can be done by letter, telephone call or personal contact.  Please do not use the 'DoJo' messaging system.  If an absence is likely to be prolonged, parents are asked to let us know in advance.  If we do not receive a reason for absence we will contact you to request a reason for each absence.


Children should not be removed from school during term-time for family holidays.  If it is essential that you take your child out so school during term-time, the Headteacher is permitted to authorise absence in exceptional circumstances only.  Please request permission in writing. Our Attendance Policy gives additional information.